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Egypt Cruise

August 18, 2015

If you are looking to visit Egypt’s famous tombs and Temples, the best way to do it is by following Egypt cruise, travelers have sailed on the world’s longest river, finding the unexpected tourist sights of river life every bit as thrilling as the tombs and temples on the schedule with Shaspo Tours offers, Get the chance to visit Valley of the Kings, Kalabsh Temple, Abu Simbel Temple and more with Egypt Nile cruise.

With Egypt Nile Cruises enjoy the breeze which feels fresh and clean and everything is wet, from the dewy handrails to shining green foliage on the riverbanks moreover Nile River Cruises with  On other mornings, all you can see are dry, yellow hills and the air is hot and heavy with dust.

In addition with Nile Cruises Egypt enjoy visit Karnak Temple is the largest Temple in the World, which dedicated to Amun and date back to 2000BC, then move to visit Luxor Temple is a great temple complex in modern Luxor dedicated to Amun and more with Egypt Cruises.

Enjoy the West Bank Tours with Nile Cruises in Egypt, Explore Hatshepsut Temple is one of the most beautiful of all of the temples of Ancient Egypt, then visit Valley of the Kings is a valley in Egypt where for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, tombs were constructed for the kings, moreover with Egypt River Cruise visit Colossi of memnon which are two massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

One of the amazing Nile Cruise in Egypt is MS Amarco I Nile Cruise.


Day 1: Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan

Boarding before Lunch at 11:00 A.M., Lunch on board, Felucca around the Botanical Garden, Dinner on board, After Dinner Dancing, Overnight in Aswan

MS Amarco, Nile Cruise

MS Amarco, Nile Cruise

Day 2:
Aswan Tours

Breakfast on board, visit the High Dam, Old Dam, the Granite Quarries & Philae Temple, Sail to Kom ombo, Lunch on board, Afternoon Tea, Visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobek & Haeroris in Kom Ombo, Sail to Edfu, Oriental Dinner  &  Galabeya  Party, Overnight in Edfu.

Day 3: Karnak and Luxor Temples Tours

Breakfast on board, Visit Horus Temple in Edfu, Sail to Esna, Lunch on board, Sail to Luxor, Visit East Bank (Karnak and Luxor Temple), Afternoon Tea, Dinner on board, After Dinner Dancing, Overnight in Luxor

Day 4: Luxor West Bank Tours

Breakfast on board, disembarkation after breakfast, Visit the West Bank – The Valley of the Kings & Queens, The temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari & the Colossi Memnon, and moreover enjoy Movenpick MS Royal Lotus or MS Farah Nile.

One of the Fascinating Dahabiya Nile Cruises is MS Donia Dahabiya.


Day 01: MS Donia Dahabiya


MS-Donia, Egypt Nile Cruise

MS-Donia, Egypt Nile Cruise

Shaspo Tours representative will transfer you to Esna and join Amoura/Judi/princess Donia Boat, crew will welcome you on board and have your bags taken to your cabins. We will then set sail on your voyage to Aswan.

Day 02: Saturday

Whilst sleeping, we gently sail en-route to Edfu; enjoy breakfast at your leisure, visit Edfu Temple by horse carriage, one of the largest and most intact of Egypt’s monuments. Two beautiful granite statues of the Falcon God Horus flank the entrance. After your visit to the temple, either ride or walk through the bazaar, this is an extensive bazaar where you can barter for souvenirs, spices and perfumes. We will then set sail for our private island “El Fouza” where we will disembark for dinner served to you on the edge of the Nile.

Day 03: Sunday

We set off for the relaxing journey to the temple of Gebel el Silsila, another of our less frequented destinations. You will be amazed as we tie up alongside the Speos of Hormheb. If possible dinner will be served in the grounds of the illuminated temple or on the upper deck of Boat whilst soaking up the tranquil atmosphere with music to match the mood.

Day 04: Monday

Breakfast at your leisure as we sail on to Kom Ombo, Listen to the sounds of the water buffalo as they wade in the shallow water besides the banks of the Nile, the Donkeys as they go about their day to day business and the various bird life of the river, Here we visit to the Greco Roman Temple at Kom Ombo. The temple building is totally symmetrical with two entrance’s two halls and two sanctuaries dedicated to the Falcon God Haroeris (Horus the Elder) and the Crocodile God Sobek. Lunch will be served as we head for a small island where we will moor for the evening and enjoy dinner at this atmospheric location.

Day 05: Tuesday

Sailing to Aswan, We should arrive around 10am, giving you plenty of time to visit some of the highlights such as the Temple of Philae and the Souk, and unfinished Obelisk You will have lots of time to prepare for our EGYPTIAN EVENING OF FUN, with Egyptian cuisine, Arabic Music, Dress in your bespoke Gallabeyah, you can also enjoy Sonesta Amirat Dahabeya or MS Amoura Dahabiya.

Day 06: Wednesday

After breakfast, we bid farewell to the crew. Your luggage will be collected and will be ready for you, move to Aswan station or Airport for final departure.

One of the amazing Lake Nasser Cruise is MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser.


1st Day – MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise

Shaspo Tours representative will meet & greet you at Aswan Airport / Rail station, then transferred to board the Kasr Ibrim. Lunch on board. Pay a visit to Kalabsha temple, Beit El Wali, and the kiosk of Kertassi. Afternoon tea is served in the lounge. Dinner and overnight aboard the Lake cruise.

2nd Day – Sunday – Wadi El Seboua


MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise, Egypt Nile Cruises

MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise, Egypt Nile Cruises

Sailing to Wadi El Seboua, breakfast and cocktail when passing the Tropic of Cancer, Lunch, Dinner and overnight on board

3rd Day – Monday – Wadi El Seboua / Amada

Breakfast on board followed by a morning visit to Wadi El Seboua, the temple of Dakka, and temple of Meharakka, Lunch on board while sailing to Amada, Visit the temples of Amada and of Derr, as well as the tomb of Penout. Dinner and overnight aboard the Lake cruise.

4th Day – Tuesday – Kasr Ibrim / Abu Simbel

Continue sailing to Kasr Ibrim. Breakfast and morning visit to the citadel of Kasr Ibrim. Tour conducted from the ship’s sun deck as entrance to the site is not permitted. Sailing to Abu Simbel, After-lunch visit of the Temples of Abu Simbel, Candlelight dinner on board and overnight at Abu Simbel, moreover enjoy MS Jaz Omar El Khayam or Movenpick Prince Abbas.

5th Day – Wednesday

Disembarkation after breakfast


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