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Egypt and Jordan Tours

September 15, 2014

Egypt is the major country of the Middle East and its capital Cairo is one of the biggest cities of the area. The unique location of Egypt between the old world continents made it more special, because its majority of land lies in North-East of Africa and the most beautiful part of the land –Sinai Peninsula- is situated in Asia being bordered with Jordan. So now, you can seize the chance to go on a mix holiday to enjoy Egypt and Jordan Tours.


On choosing Egypt and Jordan Tours, you will get a perfect opportunity for an amazing holiday through which you will enjoy Egypt tours in Cairo city that combines a distinguishable group of monuments and old landmarks. You will see the Pyramids of Giza including the Great Pyramid of Cheops, considered as one of ancient world’s seven wonders, the Egyptian Museum housing a unique collection of ancient artifacts that date back mainly to the Pharaonic age and some of them were dated to later periods. There are still more tours to go in Upper Egypt to Luxor and Aswan where you can navigate the great Nile and stop by the impressive ancient temples of Luxor, Karnak at the eastern bank of Luxor and the funerary temples at the west bank such as Deir Al Bahary, Madinet Hapu and the Ramesseum. Moving onto Aswan, you will enjoy visits to Philae island where lies the temple of Isis and to Edfu and Komobo temples and more.

Egypt and Jordan Tours include tours to Wadi Rum and Petra, called as the rose city, established by the Nabatean Arabs during the Ptolemaic age in Egypt to become an important trade center at that time. Petra today is considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. In Petra, you will try a new experience of entering the hidden city through a narrow long passage, enjoy the beauty of nature, and watch the perfect hand-made well carved buildings.


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