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Cairo Tours

February 16, 2015

Cairo tours have been highly recommended for long by all Egypt visitors who came from different parts of the world. While many people think that Cairo doesn’t have interesting places to visit other than The Pyramids, Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum, in fact, Cairo tours include so many places that will get you impressed when you know about the glorious history and the occasions on which these monuments were built.

Giza Pyramids 160

The local tours of Cairo include interesting visits to some interesting sites with old structures that witnessed one of the historical ages. Starting from the Pharaonic age, we will find that it is represented by the Pyramids of Giza, Memphis necropolis and Saqqara plateau. Moving on to the Coptic period or the Christian age we will find the old big Church of Mar Gegruis and the Hanging Church, both erected at the unique site of Old Cairo. Next to these churches you will see the huge and the first mosque to be built in Egypt of the great Muslim leader Amr Ibnul A’s. In addition to these monuments, Cairo still has many monuments and a big number of mosques and mausoleums dated back to different Islamic Dynasties. Let’s enjoy Cairo tours to discover many of Egyptian impressive museums and the amazing secrets of this great civilization.

Many other wonderful Cairo tours are available in Upper Egypt where you will go for great sightseeing and the ancient famous temples of Luxor and the beauty of Aswan.

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